More Crashes!

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One Hour of Motorsport
Crashes, Spills, and Flips

My video camera captured hundreds of motorsport crashes, spills, and flips while I was video taping racing events for several years.  I’ve finally put them all together onto one video that contains nothing but racing mishaps.  You will see one hour of crashes involving sprint cars, adult go karts, motorcross bikes, ATVs, hill climbs, ice races, snow mobiles, and Harleys.  You’ll see footage shot at the following tracks:


  • Sugar Hill Speedway, New Hampshire
  • Motocross 338, Massachusetts
  • Booth Hill, New Hampshire
  • Great Barrington, Massachusetts
  • Terryville, Connecticut
  • Canajoharie, New York
  • Monson Hillclimbs, Massachusetts
  • Springfield, Vermont
  • Silver Lake, Massachusetts
  • Stafford Motor Speedway, Connecticut

Order and Download the Video now for just $6.99

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